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Private Healthcare

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Mr Cutress holds a weekly Thursday evening private outpatient clinic at Spire Southampton Hospital, which is a BUPA approved breast unit.

In this clinic digital mammography and/or breast ultrasound, clinical assessment and needle biopsy where appropriate are available as part of a “one stop” service. Breast MRI is also available if required.

Private care allows:

  • You to be seen quickly, or to discuss when an appointment may be more convenient
  • Less time pressure on appointment lengths
  • You to choose your Consultant and to have continuity of Consultant care
  • Results in the same visit for Digital Mammography and Breast Ultrasound
  • Fast turnaround times for any test results
  • Breast Care Nursing Support

If you require surgery Mr Cutress has a Friday evening private operating slot and will be able to schedule your surgery quickly or to your convenience.

You will often be asked to attend for a pre-assessment visit, and to come to the ward on the afternoon of surgery so we can undertake any pre-operative workup required prior to surgery, such as Ultrasound or Wire Localisation and/or Sentinel Lymph Node Localisation. Most patients undergoing breast surgery on a Friday evening will be able to return home over the weekend. Breast Reconstruction patients will often stay a little longer.

Private surgery allows:

Prompt scheduling of surgery or scheduling at a time that may be more convenient for surgery and/or recovery

A private en suite room with:

  • A window
  • Meals and food freshly prepared to a high standard
  • Satellite TV
  • Free WiFi
  • Access to post-operative physiotherapy
  • Flexible visiting hours
  • Free car parking

If you require additional treatments the following facilities are available:

The dedicated Spire Southampton Cancer Partners UK Radiotherapy Centre.

The Chalybeate Suite dedicated oncology and chemotherapy facility at Spire Southampton.


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Email us on marlene.benham@spirehealthcare.com