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Breast Symptoms

Nipple Discharge

Nipple Discharge can be due to a range of causes. Assessment may include obtaining a sample of the discharge in clinic for examination under the microscope (cytology). Surgery is sometimes required, either for diagnosis, or to stop the discharge. Surgery may involve removal of a single milk duct (microdochectomy) or removal of the main milk…


Breast Infection

Breast infection may occur during breast feeding (lactational) or may be unrelated to breast feeding. Breast infection may cause redness, pain and swelling of the breast or of part of the breast. Breast infection may be treated with antibiotics and if there is a localised collection of pus (abscess) this may need to be drained,…


Breast Lumps

There are many causes of breast lumps other than breast cancer. Tests such as a mammogram, breast ultrasound or a biopsy may be required in the clinic  to determine the nature of any change. Benign (non-cancerous) causes of a breast lump include fibroadenoma and fat necrosis. Breast cancer care provides leaflets on fibroadenomas and fat…


Breast Pain

Breast pain or mastalgia is one of the symptoms most frequently reviewed in a breast clinic. Assessment includes ruling out any suspicious features but often no specific cause is found. Breast cancer care provide a booklet with further information about breast pain.  


Breast Cysts

A breast cyst is a common cause of a breast lump. Breast cysts occur as part of normal breast change with time. A breast cyst may be drained with a fine needle to confirm the diagnosis, if tender or uncomfortable, or if felt as a lump to remove the lump. Breast cancer care provide a…


Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast awareness may help with early detection or identification of the first signs of breast cancer. The NHS Cancer breast screening programme and Cancer Research UK produce an information leaflet on breast awareness. Cancer Research UK also produces an information leaflet on detecting breast cancer.  

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